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October 2, 2017


The Power of Spiritual Assets for Resilience to Trauma & Stress

How do spiritual assets like courage, honesty, gratitude, acceptance, hope, and faith lend themselves to a person's ability to bounce back in life after a stressful or traumatic experience? More importantly, how can such assets transform your own life?

This book shares the powerful and inspiring stories of seven people who have discovered these spiritual assets and put them to work. Contributors include the accounts from:

  • A woman who survives a machete attack committed by her own husband
  • A Syrian refugee who relates his harrowing account of fleeing his war-torn homeland
  • A mother who loses her only son to a devastating heroin addiction
  • A young girl who learns her beloved sister has been murdered by a serial killer
  • A US soldier who overcomes massive, continual trauma through his Cherokee beliefs
  • A pastor who learns a serial arsonist has torched his congregation, yet he learns to forgive
  • And a man whose addiction lead him down a path he never thought he would go.

What's more, readers will uncover the techniques and insights of true resiliency for themselves after immersing themselves in the lives and stories of these people who have overcome tremendous odds against them.

On Sale October 2, 2017


Resilience is a person’s capacity to “bounce back” after a difficult or traumatic experience. It’s more than just a person’s ability to adapt to stress.

Rather, anyone can learn adaptations that may contribute to an ongoing process of recovery. I believe that one particular adaptation is acknowledging and identifying spiritual assets that we may use to help us get our lives back.
— From Endure: The Power of Spiritual Assets for Resilience to Trauma & Stress

2018 (Finalized date to be released.)

Innervisions – Young Sung Hero Addiction-Recovery Fiction


Addiction & Recovery, Transformational Fiction

What happens when a UK deejay gets clean and decides to write a book about his struggle to transform his life?

This book happens.

Mount Curve Press is extremely excited to announce the tentative publication of Young Sung Hero's stab into the literary world. A London-based DJ, Young has lived the life most only dream of. However, the dreams weren't only sweet—the nightmares of addiction, abuse, loss, and difficulties haunted him as well.

The real gift of his writing shines—white-hot—through his eventual personal change and struggle to leave addiction forever behind. Adventure seekers and readers who value top-notch writing will find themselves instantly sucked into his world of dark intrigue and passion for recovery.

This title will be released at a future date in 2018. For press inquiries, please contact the site manager.

Publication Date TBA – Coming Soon in 2018!

I have wasted so much time in active addiction. I finally understand that my life is precious, special. If I do not use every last breath clean from this day forth I will die with a million regrets and my soul will forever be broken.

I know that the statistics are against me. A mere 2% of us in this rehab will make it and this is how addiction rolls. It will never leave me. It’s relentless, a psychopathic murderer. I know what I need to do, yet fear still grips me in an uncomfortable embrace.
I have a fire within me, but my mouth’s become a twisted mouthpiece full of rumour.
— From *Innervisions* by Young Sung Hero, UK Writer & International DJ